18 Tips For Women On How Men Look For Women Using Dating Apps

Giving insight into the guy’s world when it comes to how we use dating Apps. I’m not looking to offend anyone, I’m sharing truth.

1. 100% of all men will be initially attracted to you physically and
nothing else.

2. Do not take pictures using ANY sort of filter(s) and wear a moderate amount of make-up.

3. Your best picture may not be recent. It’s best to post the most ACCURATE photo along with it being the most recent.

4. Men are Visual and are attracted to all body types of women. This is something that is instinctively wired in men when it comes to what attracts us to a woman.

5. Don’t draw “cute” markings on your selfies. Men do not find that attractive at all.

6. Take a maximum of 45 minutes for make-up. It’s already difficult to stay patiently waiting for someone for 20 minutes. An hour is just way too long. In Addition, make-up should not dramatically change your appearance once it comes off.

7. The competition is real. You can thank Instagram for that.

8. Don’t have random dudes in your selfies on a dating App.

9. Don’t include pet pictures on your dating profile.

10. Don’t have a list of what a guy should have or do for you.

11. It all comes down to who you are in the inside, your attitude, chill factor, and easy going character.

12. Stay attractive, don’t be afraid to cook, understand your man’s needs, and chill factor. That is all he’ll need from you and he’ll take care of the rest.

13. If you have children, let him know…..ASAP!

14. Stay off your phone while you’re on the date.

15. No food selfies.

16. Be prepared to go dutch or pick up the tab. It beez like that sometimes.

17. No Flake zone and return text in a timely manor.

18. You have the advantage overall.

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